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Reasons lead to the water into Cable?

March 14, 2020

(1) When the cable leaves the factory, both ends of it are sealed with plastic sealing sleeve.But in the construction process, after using a part, the remaining part of the wire head is simply wrapped, usually open air and no sealing measures, for a long time, water vapor will infiltrate the cable;

(2) When laying cables, it is necessary to cross roads, Bridges, culverts, etc.However, due to weather and other reasons, the cable trench is often filled with water, and occasionally the cable head is immersed in water.Poor sealing makes it easy for water to enter the cable.In addition, the outer sheath and even the steel armoring will be scratched when pulling and penetrating the pipe.

(3) After the completion of cable laying, the cable head was not made in time due to the restrictions of site construction conditions, so that the unsealed cable fracture was exposed to air for a long time, or even immersed in water, so that a large amount of water vapor entered the cable.

(4) In the process of making the cable end (including the terminal head and intermediate joint), due to the negligence of the construction personnel, there is no contact or immersion of the cable end in water;

(5) In the normal operation of the cable, when breakdown occurs for some reason, the water in the cable trench will enter the cable along the fault point, the cable insulation will be seriously damaged, and water will also cause the cable.

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