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What are the purposes and selection principles of rubber sheathed cables?(2)

May 12, 2023

Characteristics of rubber sheathed cables:
1. incomparable softness of other wires and cables;
2. Good electrical insulation performance and chemical stability;
3. Good physical and mechanical properties and wear resistance;
4. Requirements for oil resistance, flame retardancy, cold resistance, and heat resistance.

Choosing a cable that suits you has become a key issue.
1: Have a detailed understanding of the performance indicators of cables in various aspects, such as the wear resistance, compression resistance, and service life of rubber sheathed cables. Conduct a detailed inquiry and understanding, and then determine whether it meets your own usage conditions
2: The influence of the surrounding environment on the usage of cables. During the use of cables, in addition to being limited by their own usage conditions, there are also some external factors that play a decisive role. For example, if there is interference from magnetic fields, the cables need to be shielded; If it is a welding robot, due to the long working time and high temperature, it poses a great challenge to the outer sheath of the cable. Therefore, the selection should be based on the actual situation.
3: Clarify the use function of cables, whether it is control cables or rubber sheathed cables, no matter how excellent their performance is. What we need to do is to install the cables in positions suitable for their use. Only in this way can we achieve the original performance and service life of the cables.

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