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What are the purposes and selection principles of rubber sheathed cables?(1)

April 17, 2023
Among our commonly used power cables, rubber sheathed cables are also one of them. Rubber sheathed cable is a kind of soft and movable cable with multi-strand thin copper wire as conductor, rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Generally speaking, it includes general-purpose rubber-sheathed flexible cables, electric welding machine cables, submersible motor cables, radio device cables, and photographic light source cables. So what are the uses of rubber sheathed cables and what are the selection principles? Here is a brief introduction.
Application of Rubber-sheathed Cables Rubber-sheathed cables are widely used in various electrical equipment, such as household appliances, electric machinery, electrical equipment and portable power cords for appliances, and can be used indoors or outdoors. According to the external mechanical force of the cable, the product structure is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy, and there are appropriate connections in the section. Generally, light-duty rubber-sheathed cables are used in household appliances and small electric equipment, requiring softness, lightness, and good bending performance; medium-duty rubber-sheathed cables are widely used in agricultural electrification except for industrial use, and heavy-duty cables are used in such as port machinery, searchlights, Large-scale hydraulic irrigation and drainage stations for family business and other occasions. This type of product has good versatility, complete series of specifications, good and stable performance.
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