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What is the performance difference between steel tape armored cable and steel wire armored cable?

February 20, 2023
The mechanical protective layer of armored cable can be added to the cable of any structure to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the corrosion resistance. It is designed for the area prone to mechanical damage and corrosion. Armored cables are also divided into steel tape armored cables and steel wire armored cables.
The main differences are:
1. Purpose: steel strip armor is only used for laying directly buried cables or ordinary pipes, ordinary ground, tunnels, etc. The thin steel wire armor can withstand the general longitudinal tension, so it is suitable for short distance overhead laying or vertical and vertical laying. In foreign countries, there are many steel wire armored cables!
2. Price: the corresponding steel wire armor is more expensive. Because the production of steel wire armor is difficult and the cost is high.
3. Current-carrying capacity: the difference is not big, but the diamagnetic steel strip or steel wire should be selected.
4. According to the different use environment, different types of armored cables are selected: steel strip armor can withstand mechanical pressure, and steel wire armor can withstand mechanical tension.
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